Best Crescent Rolls Ever are @ Bread Hot Mama

The Pillsbury Doughboy needs to go back to school, or take a class by Bread Hot Mama. Cuz she makes stuff that should be illegal.

Never heard of this place until last night when someone brought over a tray (2 dozen me thinks) of crescent rolls from Bread Hot Mama (a caterer based out in Pasadena) for Thanksgiving and I must admit these were addictive like crack.

These were flaky, light but still substantial enough that you would never mistaken them for croissants. I’m pretty sure there was some added milk in these, in addition to probably shortening and/or butter.

Good stuff. Apparently they also make vegan crescent rolls, as well as other things like cinnamon rolls and coffee cake. Good to know for Christmas morning breakfast.

Bread Hot Mama.

Ipse! Their website says they are closed until December 30th!


(Seems cruel to find out about those crescent rolls - and then not be able to have them. Sigh.)

Curiously, though, it says that “all other products” are still available for pick up (so I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the “kitchen is closed” statement).

All good things come to those who wait. And wait.

And what better way to ring in the new year, than with freshly made crescent rolls?

Well um… Yeah. Seems a fab New Years joy.

But i am weak and that seems so far away : (

I make my mom’s ice box yeast rolls (my icon is that roll) and her challah. And they are great but - yow…

To have even more amazing rolls that I don’t have to make myself? That aren’t just butter and butter and flour? Oh yes gads, I am in!