Best Dry Aged Steak in Los Angeles County?

Been to Mastros (Penthouse and Newport) delicious, CUT, Jar, Palms, Chi Spaca, anywhere else I need to try? A great place with Venison would be nice too…

Nick & Stef’s, DTLA.



Oh, yeah forgot about Nick…yes been there…thanks

Thanks…hmmmm just saw a picture of Gwen, looked interesting… Alexander’s too…

The butcher counter at Eataly. I know you meant at restaurants but I think I paid about 1/3 of the price of what you’d pay at restaurants.

Chi Spacca. I’m not 100% sure of that hunk of meat is dry aged but it was delicious.

What about Saddlepeak Lodge?

Saddle Peak Lodge for game meat. Don’t remember them usually having venison, but they usually have elk and other game.

I like the aged Tomahawk at BOA.

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Good or nooo… I remember them good way back, but I have been reading that alot has changed and the food is ok…

Not sure if you’re referring to BOA or SPL. SPL has new owners, but the food is the same. I don’t know what changes at BOA may have occurred if you’re talking about that.

I had a great meal at Gwen’s, hope to get back to try a steak one of these days.

Alexander’s buys some good meat, but the menu’s not my idea of what a steakhouse should serve.

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Last time I was at Saddle Peak (about a year ago), they had venison.

They also offered a game meat sampler entree that if I remember correctly consisted of elk, venison, and boar. It was very good.

For a restaurant, Arthur J

For at-home, Standing’s Butchery

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Chi Spacca, Gwen, and The Arthur J are tops for dry-aged, along with Cut

Sizzler, it is definitely dry and aged.

None of the above mentioned allows you to make a steak sandwich with cheese toast


thank youuuuusss

Did we mention Saddle Creek Lodge and of course Dan Tana’s.

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I love Nick & Stef’s only because it was really interesting to taste dry-aged beef cooked over wood. There’s this additional smoky note that just plays really well off that subtle, dry-age funk. For those who don’t like their meat cooked over wood it’s probably not as great a bet… but just my .02

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The Nick + Stef’s Cut and Whiskey menu is a very different, and welcome, way to experience a steakhouse.

Kudos to Megan and Joy.

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I’ve never met anyone who liked dry-aged beef who didn’t prefer it grilled over wood or charcoal.

I don’t think there’s anything I prefer grilled over gas.

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