Best foie gras dish October 2015 edition

It’s my birthday coming up. I have not had foie gras in CA since it became legal again. Where should I go to get my fix? Preferably a place with a full bar and decent cocktails and will serve me the dish at said bar.

Petit Trois served me as good a foie gras terrine I’ve had, just like being in France except the toast was better. They have a full bar, though I wouldn’t recommend pairing foie gras with a cocktail.

… and here is my photo of said dish at Petit Trois:

I am, however, more partial to the foie gras with biscuit & maple sausage gravy at Animal:


I was just eyeballing that dish too. Very nice looking.

The fucking biscuit and loco moco at animal #NSFW

grilled foie gras at raku #foiegrasisdelicioustorture

no longer on the menu

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Nsfw tags on that raku pic plz


Kiriko - always ensure your foie gras is locally forced.

Fig. 4: Republique

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What is that @ Republique??

Seared foie gras with honey and some fucking “figs on a plate”

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Well, damn. I guess I’ll have to go to France.



In that case:

fucking Bouchon.

a canning jar filled with foie gras.

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Redbird has served me the best foie preparation I’ve ever had.

I believe they just put this back on the menu. Call to be sure.

La Belle Farms foie gras crusted with coco nibs and pistachio, served with Asian pear and brioche.

Perfect crisp sear on the outside and nice and gooey on the inside.

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Ns I like the croque of foie gras pate with layer of fat on top served with toast points and cocktails etc at the zinc bar at bouchon. My taste is for firmer pate not mushy whole cooked foie tho.

Happy bday

For me Animal is the place to go…and so many other wonderful dishes too like their sweetbreads & their VEAL BRAINS, VADOUVAN, APRICOT PUREE, CARROT…

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I like the offerings at Petit Trois and Petrossian. I think Petrossian has a few foie dishes on their menu, if you’re looking to foie yourself out on your birthday. I have yet to try Animal’s offerings, and they look terrific!

The wagyu, unagi, and fucking foie gras burger at bachi


i’m fucking down.

did they just add it to the menu ???

is each individual component pretty good ???

wow, this is seriously food porn in its finest derelict hour. :smile:

how much ???

petrossian is awesome and the american caviar options won’t kill your wallet too badly either

Photo of Petrossian foie gras: