Best Frozen, Chinese food

What’s good at the store that I can come home and make? I like Kung Pao and Orange Chicken.

$5. You’re welcome.


reheating is DIY?

someone’s begun donating processed breaded chicken patties and nuggets for feeding the homeless. creating an orange glaze isn’t all that difficult, though you can probably find some at trader joes…

to produce about a cup of glaze:

1/2 cup OJ,
a TBL each of brown sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce,
1 clove ginger (minced).
salt pepper to taste

put ingredients in pan and bring to a simmer. while simmering for maybe a minute or two, dissolve corn starch (call it a TSP) in 1/2 cup cold water, mix thoroughly, add slurry to pan and let simmer another minute or two, stirring occasionally.

pour sauce over chicken.

truth be told, my version of chicken parmesan is more popular.


I guess I didn’t understand OP. What defines DIY to her?

That Trader Joe’s bag saves me for dinner during busy season at work. Dinner in about 30 minutes while I cook rice and stir fry some vegetables.

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unless you got a maid.

i guess i’m going to categorize the headline as a non sequitur and move on.

Ummmm. In my world it’s an oxymoron.

no really, the trader joes orange chicken is good? nobody ever suggests it as a staple in their freezer…


Yes, compared to having your Chinese food delivered.

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The frozen rice is pretty good. Have you tried it!

Can vouch - just made a pouch for breakfast. Only costs 80 cents and 3 minutes/serving

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I like it more than the Costco orange chicken.

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what about Ralphs?

Ralph’s what?

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Ralphs has a brand. I will take a pic next time I go.

haha. Going to try them later. adding shrimp and green onions and eggs to rice!


What rice?

top right

You’re going to put those things in with the chicken?