Best garden grove viet dinner recommedations

Looking for some Vietnamese dinner recommendations in garden grove.

Dont have any preference in food types. Just something really good, please don’t say brodards because I’ve been there a million times. TIA

Garlic and chives

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What do dishes do you recommend there?

Deep fried salmon belly and toothpick lamb.

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Van’s for banh xeo as an appetizer than Phat Ky Mi Ga for duck noodle soup.

Than jackfruit or avocado smoothie at your favorite coffeeshop or Tebo Tebo

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7 Leaves Cafe also holding it down for fantastic milk tea type drinks - that mungbean drink is godly.

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Not garden grove - Westminster instead.

Ngu Binh for Bun Bo Hue and misc. Hue region Vietnamese appetizers

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@JeetKuneBao I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the Van’s banh xeo and Phat Ky Mi GA duck noodle soup combo. Great minds must think alike lol

Thanks for the recommendation Ngu Binh is always bomb. I always get too full from the banh ram to eat any of their noodle soups or the mi quang and I always have to bring it home.

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Any other recommendations from the message board?

Garlic and Chives has been on my radar for awhile. Heard good things from other friends.

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I always enjoy a good catfish with super crispy skin from Thien An located in the same plaza as the original Brodard. The flesh is creamy delicious in summer rolls with the skin as a perfect textural balance.

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since OP said “just something good”:


Lol that’s not bad!

Oc and lau in garden grove would be my rec.

They have been there longer and personally think it’s better than garlic and chives, just didn’t get the jgold treatment. They serve similar street style beer/drinking food plus Vietnamese hotpot.

Definitely Get the morning glory salad, deep fried red talapia. Oh the hot pots aren’t too shabby either


Nice, fancy tilapia!

Don’t care much for talapia but Skin is breaded slightly, def one of lil saigons best and crispiest fried fish esp with the ginger nuoc mam Cham dipping sauce