Best grocery-store pistachio gelato?

Fiorello’s is very good.

Talenti’s is not up to their usual standard, not much pistachio flavor.

I just tried the Leeuwen for the first time (bought at a sprouts in LA). They use Sicilian pistachios and the flavor is very intense and ‘nut-buttery’ for lack of a better word. It’s also a light brown color.

I found it almost too nutty and thought for a moment that a little artificial flavor might help balance it but if intense pistachio flavor is what your after it might be worth a shot.

My all-time favorite was made with a Pacojet from I think nothing but pistachios, water, sugar, and salt, so I definitely like intense flavor. One time I talked with an expert local gelato maker and he said he had to charge more for his pistachio because the Sicilian nut paste was so expensive.

Pistachio gelato in Italy is not green, also mostly tan.

Yes, green is unnecessary food coloring.