Best "Handmade" Noodles in SGV 2015 Edition: Your Suggestions Welcome

Ok, when Clarissa Wei did her “10 Best Handmade Noodle Restaurants in Los Angeles” 10 Best Handmade Chinese Noodle Restaurants in Los Angeles - LA Weekly in 2012, there was some negative feedback from many of the regulars here at the time (over at that other site). So, here’s your chance to have a say. I have an opportunity to revise her list, sort of do an update. What would you include that she did not? I plan on going with Lao Xi Noodle House, O’Heavy Noodles, China Tasty and Liang’s in Monterey Park as those that have come along since (and, of course, Tasty/Benser has closed). Errr, Liang’s does make theirs, don’t they?

Define “handmade”.

Handmade in-house?

Handmade elsewhere, and then purchased?

To be honest, most serious places offer handmade noodles of one kind or another (in-house or out-sourced).

Wouldn’t it be more interesting and perhaps click-worthy to have a list of best machine-grade noodles in the SGV?

Perhaps a headline that read … “Best Noodles from a 3-D Printer in the SGV”?

Anyway, let me noodle this for a bit and come back …

not caring to look at her list as i’ve just come back from lunch and am still digesting. my top two would be liang’s & kam hong. heavy noodling II would also be at that rank but i haven’t been there in the last 8 months.

the noodles at lao xi are also pretty good, but focusing on them would risk overlooking the touch in the cooking in general. i might say the same of kam hong, while at HNII the level of the cooking is less refined.

while having nowhere near the Q of the noodles already mentioned, i like the texture of the rice noodles at guilin & in particular i am partial to their hot/sour soup noodles.

haven’t been to omar in ages, nor have i tried the brother’s restaurant down in cerritos.

shaanxi places in general SHOULD have great noodles, but the noodles at shaanxi gourmet never really got me excited. it might have been the relative small servings for $3.

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I should have clarified, I’m going solely with house-made (in-house) rather than “hand made.” So, fresh, in-house made, hand-pulled or knife-shaved noodles.

Hmmm, 3-D Printer noodles sound fascinating. Someone else will have to do the top 10 when it gets to that point.

Please don’t give Clarissa any more crowdfunding ideas.

That’s a good point about Shaannxi Gourmet, barry. I like the cold skin noodles at Shaanxi Gourmet, but like the biang biang noodles better at Xi’an Kitchen. That’s more down to the pepper oil Xi’an Kitchen uses than noodle quality or Q. My last visit to Shaanxi Gourmet, I noticed it looks like they’re using pepper oil on theirs now as well, so I’ll have to try them and compare.