Best Hotdog in NYC - Top 5

My rankings:

One. Copenhagen Street Dog (Polse) now available in numerous locations in NYC, starting today, add Park Luncheonette in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Having spent a lot of time with family in Denmark, I can say this is legit and has all the killer toppings like crispy fried onions too. Maybe a new treat for some of you?

Two. Nathans, you know where to gettem.

Three. Crif Dogs, St. Marks Place. Well located for snacks to prolong East Village drinking bouts. Snappy dog meat.

Four. Katz’s, griddled up and very solid but you might as well get the garlic knoblewurst if you’re there; ps, saving the great pastrami shootout for another day, but my winner ain’t Katz’s!

Five. Gray’s Papaya/Papaya King. Not noting a substantial difference. I like the size and proportion. But the lack of raw onions is lame.

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I LOVE those so much a used to have a guy who would overnight them to me here. I would get it so dark, slice it up onto some rye with some mustard…so good!

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So good. I’m with u. Is there anything like that in lalaland?

Not that I have found. Need to add this to the What would you like to see food wise that does not exist in L.A? - #93 by kevin - Los Angeles - Food Talk Central thread!

you don’t mean the fucking ripper from Fab’s.

Hmmm, maybe hit up Langer’s or nate’s and have them grill up them knockwursts ???

hmmm, that might just fucking work.

but i’m probably way off base.

Maybe time for a LA top dog list…

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start that shit up.

what are you waiting for ???

Best hot dogs in Manhattan are at the NoMad Bar, or at Harry & Ida’s (if you prefer pastrami as a hot dog not on a hot dog).

Never been to either. Looked up nomad and sounds bacony good.

Never even heard of this UES spot until today but it’s going on my NYC hotdog to-do list

yeah, I just read that fucking review today too, it got me excited and shit.

oh yeah looks great…i pretty much never go to the UES but now I will! I also wanna hit Pastrami Queen up there.

and hit up the Carlyle hotel for a few fucking dranks.

and eli zabar’s joints while there.

i do the zabars on the UWS and the barney greengrass too.

The main butcher shop, S&W, makes a great BLT.

Looks like a cool old school spot. And never heard of it. That’s ny for u. Have u been to pastrami queen

No. I don’t like pastrami.

You’ll find a pastrami and egg tart someday that may change your mind. Been to redfarm? If they can do katz pastrami egg rolls who knows. There’s definitely cool other stuff there.

I actually find RedFarm a bit off-putting.

Like fusion gone wrong.

They had me at pastrami egg rolls and beer