Best Italian in Napa?

I’ll be up in Napa in a few weeks and I have one night free. I would like to book dinner at an Italian restaurant in Napa, ideally walking distance to downtown Napa (but I would do up to a ~10 minute drive to downtown Napa). I’m looking for the best damn pasta in Napa. Where should I go!

Define: Best

The most delicious pasta. Don’t care if it’s a hole in the wall or a Michelin type place, wherever has the best pasta.

Oenotri’s probably the best Italian restaurant in the city of Napa. Great wine list. Wood oven, wood grill.

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It’s not like the city of Napa is a hotbed of great restaurants. It was a place people drove through on their way to Napa Valley until developers built a bunch of tourist traps to try to head them off.