Best Jajangmyeon in Koreatown?

There doesn’t seem to be any consensus top picks or a place that makes their own noodles? On yelp it seems The Dragon, Young King and the great wall are the top choices. Anyone wish to chime in? Thanks.

I would rank Young King ahead of Dragon, personally. In jajangmyun, and pretty much across the board. Gampongi chicken (get it bone-in) and shrimp are particularly good. I’ve never been to Great Wall.

Another solid place for jajangmyun is Mandarin Garden, which is across the street from Dragon. Thicker noodles than you’ll find at other places. However, the restaurant itself is less clean than Dragon or Young King.

My cousin was dapping up the jajangmyun at a place called Zzamong, but I haven’t been myself.

Hey thanks, I’ll try Young King asap. Hopefully the sauce is thick with enough protein (although I usually prefer the seafood option over the pork) and not runny which is a pet peeve. I’ve heard good things about Zzamong but that’s more of a fast casual place (lower prices which is great) so that would be a quick try but for not Young King, Dragon, Great wall and Mandarin Garden should be more than enough options to find a suitable bowl.

Full disclosure: it’s a little runny at Young King, too. But I like it better than Dragon, and there are discernible chunks of pork.

Solid ‘skip’ on Zzamong…

Their sole redeeming feature (and it’s one that’s often hard to ignore) is that they stay open later than their competitors.

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