Best lunch downtown vibe/hip

Where is the coolest place to go for lunch downtown. Not Bunker Hill

I guess “not Bunker Hill” rules out Otium?

If so, then in no particular order Redbird, Orsa & Winston or Spring.

And if it were in order? Yes Otium is out. Had lunch there recently, food was good but came waaaaay to fast.

I just realized that Officine Brera now has lunch service. I think that would be my top choice.

In fact, going there today.

I look forward to your report @ipsedixit. :slight_smile: If you think the QPR / food itself is worth it. Thanks.

Little Sister

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sounds like my love life (rimshot).

also: do you want cool/nice or just cool/hip/interesting? because you could try rice bar or gcm or guisados or Mexicali or East Side Deli or Philippe or far east plaza in chinatown or guerrilla tacos @ one of those arts district coffee shops instead of little sister/officine/baco/etc

+1 for rice bar

The vibe at Rice Bar is anything but hip, unless you also consider a place like Paul’s Kitchen to be hip.

I actually do. There’s something inherently cool about a place that is what it is and doesn’t try to follow a trend like both rice bar and Paul’s kitchen