Best mooncakes in Hong Kong?

I’ll be in HK in early September which means I can buy some fresh mooncakes for my family! I have two questions though:

  1. Where are the best places/bakeries in HK to buy mooncakes and do I need to reserve/order them in advance?

  2. Will the mooncakes clear customs when I travel back to the US?

Thanks in advance!

Whatever the Peninsula Hotel has on the offing. But unless you’ve already ordered yours, probably out of luck, though it never hurts to ask.

I don’t really eat mooncakes, but if someone were to give me a gift box set of Peninsula Lantern collection mooncake set, I’d figure they took one of my cars for a joyride, or simply took one of my cars.

@ipsedixit looks like they still have the assorted variety available. Going to place an order for a box. Egg custard sold out, sounds very interesting. Any other places you recommend?

@thewongmann best to check customs, when I was at Wing Wah’s store in HKG, they advised anything with egg or yolk is not permitted into the US.

Not really all that facile with the mooncakes options in Hong Kong. I just know about the Peninsula having had several sets gifted to me and then had people more in the know about these things inform me that I had what was essentially the mooncake equivalent of Yubari melons.

ok thanks anyway. found this interesting collection

Score!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You should post them on Toabao and see how much you can get for them. Just out of morbid curiosity, of course.

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Picked up a box of white lotus seed moon cakes from Fook Lam Moon.