Best of OC Restaurants

Thought you all could use a good chuckle this morning. Some lowlights:

Best BBQ: Lucille’s
Best Seafood: King’s Fish House
El Torito made the list for Best Sunday Brunch

Best Of OC Food and Drink


It’s like you can’t trust those OC Register folks to get a simple task right…did they just have chains on their ballots?


that entire format is a lowlight - each subject is it’s own page? Sorry, I know you need to get your page views up but that’s going to be a hard pass from me.


@OCSteve I’ve completely given up on the OC Register food reviews. Useless.

Agreed. I’ve found Brad Johnson’s reviews to be hit or miss. At this point, I read more out of habit than anything.

I would still read them too if they would get rid of the damn paywall. I pay for a few online subscriptions to newspapers but the OC Register does not make the cut.

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