Best Omakase in Beverly Hills

Taking my daughter for her first omakase. Would like to be in or close to BH. Thinking Sushi Sushi or Sasabune. Not Nozawa Bar. Any suggestions?


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What has your daughter’s experience with Japanese food been like thus far? Has she had okonomi (“a la carte”) sushi before? Nozawa Bar may be just the thing, taste-wise (though I think the atmosphere at Nozawa Bar may be a bit too “exalted” for someone to enjoy his/her first omakase there).

Nozawa Bar offers a straightforward, more traditionalist approach. Nothing too exotic (that’s been Nozawa’s style), but a meal here may actually set her on the right course for future forays into other omakase options; sort of a basic barometer to compare others to, if you will.

You used the word “Best” and “Beverly HIlls”, so obviously Urasawa is gonna be at least mentioned. (It’s technically sushi kaiseki, not omakase, but that’s pretty much just academic.) Price-wise, you might ruin her for lesser-priced future omakases if she starts out with Urasawa. :slight_smile:

Oh, and don’t do Matsuhisa for straight-up sushi nigiri omakase. That’s not their strength.

Kiyokawa has had a recent change in ownership (and even with famed Sato-san at the helm, I wouldn’t have necessarily recommended it as a “first omakase” experience).

Good luck! Tell her to not eat any uni and save it for J_L. :smiley:

Will you two stop it. He probably doesn’t want to break into her college fund just to give her her first omakase experience. Sasabune or Sushi Sushi? :kissing_heart:

My two cents.

Sushi Sushi is a more fun experience, but the fish is pre-cut.

Sasabune has higher quality fish but somewhat sterile.

Thanks @BlurA14! I actually have know idea about @Thor’s budget and am just teasing @PorkyBelly @J_L about their baller-ness. But your reply helps me on a little beginner’s sushi project I’m working on. Going from respectable mid-range up to superior high-end. From being on FTC I’ve got the high-end covered :relaxed:. But I’m having a hard time with the respectable mid-range part.

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if you follow porkybelly’s advice, before going be sure to price out what the meal will cost you.
you don’t go into shock when the bill arrives at urasawa.

I think Shiki is a great choice.
Chef Shige is excellent. I would call him first and pick a day he will be there and let him know what your daughter and you are looking for.

Looks really good @CiaoBob.

For two people, expect to see a comma in the total. #commaworthy


Oh boy. I am really looking forward to reading about where they go.

Shige does a great job, always has, since his Asenebo days.

Seems like a great place for me to get my feet wet, so to speak. You make Shige seem approachable, not scary like some itamae. I’m in B.H. a lot and have passed by many times. But as I wrote, I’m a bit of a sushi novice and have a hard time figuring out if a place will be good or not. Thanks!