Best Pasta Dishes in Los Angeles

Bestia - roasted bone marrow with the spinach gnochetti is delicious. It’s a hybrid appetizer and pasta dish. You pour the bone marrow onto the gnochetti and mix it all up. Not overly rich and a great way to start off the meal.

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Yah when I read about so much turnover at Superba (they’ve lost like… 3 - 4 chefs? (including pastry chef (who went to join Cofax / Golden State group), etc. I just never bothered going back.

It begins and ends with the Penne Vodka at Locanda Portofino, for me (in Santa Monica, on Montana Ave).

Great thread, possible DOTM for FTC?

Wholeheartedly agreed.

Nominate and then vote for it later this month! :slight_smile:

+1s for the Superba Snack Bar smoked bucatini and the Mozza egg and ricotta raviolo.

Any of the various mushroom pasta dishes at Republique (they seem to change frequently)

Sweet corn agnolotti at Spago - finally tried it a couple months ago and it lives up to the hype


Has anyone tried the fusilli with spicy vodka sauce from Jon & Vinny’s? Here’s a video from Bon Appetit:

n/naka (2012): Manila clams vongole…

n/naka (2013-present): Awabi (abalone) & pickled cod roe spaghettini with abalone liver & truffle sauce…

China Islamic: Dao xiao niu rou jing mien (knife-cut beef tendon noodles in beef stew), served with spinach & scallions…


Bestia - roasted marrow bone spinach gnocchetti


Spaghetti alla Chitarra tonight at Union. Simple. A thing of beauty, well executed. Hard thing to do with simplicity

Photo: Venessa Stump

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MSG = makes shit good



What’s that shredded shit on the side to the right of the fucking bowl of soup ???

any non-pork chasu and pork broth ramen there ???

thanks man.

Italian pasta: Duck gizzard pasta at Sotto (followed closely by the aforementioned chicken liver rigatoni)

Non-Italian pasta:

  • Mentai Squid Butter udon at Marugame Monzo
  • Dry Minced Pork Noodle at Dai Ho
  • Zhajiangmen at Lee’s Noodles
  • Dan Dan Mien at Lucky Noodle King
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lucky noodle king has pork in the dan dan mien ???

or possible to get witout the pork ???

yeah, if it won’t be called dan dan mien no longer then so be it.

btw, for a different board, but would the beef cheek ravioli topped with crushed squab livers go head to head with the stuff in LA ???


During the summer months, Santouka has a summer ramen that is really amazing, especially with an extra plate of their special pork.


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Still the best. But where’ the egg?


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they did steal the concept of noodles from the chinese, didn’t they?

besides liang’s fried then steamed noodle dish, kam hong garden & heavy noodling II (in the JTYH plaza) are the current faves. and you can probably get them all for the price of some of the other selections.

I’m no expert, but I really like the Japanese pasta dishes at Spoon House in Gardena.