Best Pasta Dishes in Los Angeles

I am fanatical about pasta. Particularly homemade pastas that range from the Northern Italian varieties that contain egg, as well as Southern Italian varieties that only use durum, water, and salt.

In an attempt to mature our database here on FTC, I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on the best pasta dishes currently available in Los Angeles.

Thank you.

Hey Novelli,

I’m a fan of Factory Kitchen’s Mandilli di Seta (housemade handkerchief pasta, Ligurian almond basil pesto).

Really lovely and delicate IMHO.

Also it’s been a while, but really enjoyed Osteria Mozza’s Ricotta & Egg Raviolo (with browned butter). Delicate and breaking open the Raviolo reveals the silky egg yolk. :smile:

Loved Bucato’s pastas (RIP). Such a loss.


NIce one. My current favorites in LA would be:

  1. Abalone and truffle pasta at n/naka
  2. Uni pasta at Bestia
  3. Braised Goat Gemelli at Redbird

*tied for 1 would have been the pasta with ragu bianco at Bucato but unfortunately it’s closed

Mozza Ricotta and egg raviolo


Superba Snack Bar smoked bucatini carbonara…

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GB’s pumpkin ravioli.

nuff said.

nest fucking question.

nothing to see here.

Bestia - uni spaghetti


I just had the sea urchin pasta at Angelini Osteria Sunday night. It was great. However, it doesn’t quite hit the level of perfection that their lasagne verde meets. It might be my favorite pasta dish in town. And another nod to Niki’s abalone pasta at n/naka. It’s pretty darned perfect as well.


Sotto - Rigatoni with chicken ragu

Madeo - Spaghetti Alla Bottarga

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Republique - cavatelli with porcini and chantarelle

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Any news on what Funke is up to?

+1 Madeo Bottarga, and almost anything at Sotto
+1 Angelini Lasagna Verde

And, because I am nothing if not a contrarian bastard, please don’t leave Asian pasta out of this discussion
Knife Cut Oxtail Noodle at Liang’s Kitchen (MPK)
Marugame Monzo’s Udon
Cassia’s Laksa
Luv2Eat Thai Bistro’s Jade noodles with 3 or 4 kinds of (fucking) Pork

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oh, I forgot dai ho ktichen’s dan dan noodles.

I really do enjoy the pastas at Factory Kitchen. I think I’ve pretty much had them all and they’ve never been a let down. Prepared to a perfect al dente with some wonderful sauces.

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I haven’t had any of the pastas at Redbird yet.

As for Bestia, I’m a sucker for the Cavatelli Norcia.

I love this dish too…at least when Neroni was helming the kitchen. I haven’t been since he departed, so I’m a bit scared it may mar the enjoyment of my previous visits.

Have you been since Neroni left?

+1 to Sotto

I’ve had all the pastas at Sotto. They really know how to work it.

The spaghetti w/ spicy octopus ragu is a killer dish as is the fileja calabresi w/ spicy sausage ragu.

Not at all! I’m looking to help build the FTC database so it can be a ‘go-to’ for any inquiries, visitors, or searches.
I’m even thinking of re-reviewing restaurants that have been covered on CH, just so FTC can have an updated response.

Any and all contributions are welcome!

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I’d like to add Odys+Penelope pork belly “Bolognese”.
Ridiculously rich and fatty, but perfectly paired with the wide pasta.

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Yes I was back at Superba during the summer and luckily the dish was the same. I know they had another chef change since then and I have not been back.