Best Pie Crust Ever!

I was making the grape pie again last weekend, having the young couple next door over for dinner. When I gave her some a couple of weeks ago she ate it all and didn’t share with her husband.

I had picked up Land 'O Lakes European Style Butter, unsalted. I was amazed at the difference I got from using it instead of generic unsalted butter. Higher fat content and less water made a big difference. It is not cheap but it is definitely superior.

What is your pie crust recipe? Always looking to improve my (so far not-that-great) pie crust performance.

I use a recipe from Jim Malgieri’s book how to bake. For each crust you will need 1 C. flour…I prefer White Lily AP, some salt, 1/8 tsp of baking powder…I use Rumford. It has the highest CO2 yield (Calumet is in the middle and Clabber Girls has the least). Put the flour in the food processor along with the salt and baking powder. Pulse. Cut 1 stick of butter (very cold-frozen) into Tbs. chunks. Have a glass of iced water at hand. Put the butter in with the flour and pulse quickly until crumbs form. Remove the lid and add 3 Tbs. of the iced water. Lid back on of course. Then pulse several times so that the dough starts to collect on the blade. Remove the dough, flatten it into a disc on a floured surface. Wrap and refrigerate at least a half hour before using. When ready to roll out the crust sprinkle flour generously on your rolling surface. I really recommend the zippered pie bags from King Arthur, $6.95 and work very well. Then place the dough disc on the flour and flour the surface. Roll from the center out, turning the dough as you work. Do not roll back and forth. Spray your pie plate with Baker’s Joy and gently fit the crust into the pie plate.

Double the recipe for 2 crusts. I often make several crusts at a time and freeze for later use. It is so quick and simple it does not take long to make enough for later pies.

I am assuming that 1 cup of flour, 3 T water makes a bottom or top crust, but not both?

What is the baking powder doing?

1 C flour,=1 crust, top or bottom. 2C flour for a top and bottom.