Best Pizza by the Slice?

I just realized we don’t have a topic devoted to pizza by the slice.

I’ve raved before about the slices at Gjelina Takeaway in the case at the end of the counter. They’re pricey but probably the best slices I’ve had in LA. Here’s a pic of the guanciale slice and the blanco slice.

You can see in this undercarriage shot that the wood oven really creates some nice charring. It also results in a crust that’s crisp yet supple.

What are some of your favorite places for pizza by the slice in LA?


To this day tomato pie is still tops for me. Over Vito’s, prime, joe’s, etc.

That prime pizza lunch special though…

Mid-priced slice is available at Abbot’s Pizza up the block. They usually have 8-10 varieties of slices available. Mushroom pizza is still solid. Salad pizza evokes SoCal - haters gonna hate but bread and salad is standard. This slice gets it all in each bite.


I was really impressed with Upper Crust that opened a few months ago on South Beverly from Boston. Much better than Mulberry across the street.

I enjoyed Pie Life quite a bit.

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village pizza

Vito’s for me.




Another vote for tomato pie.

They do a special of two slices and a sod a for 7 or 8 bucks

Do yourself a favor and try the tomato pie slice. It’s a wonder of textures. Crispy bottom, tender top, and a chewy midsection where the sauce has seeped in to the dough.

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I love the GTA slices, but sometimes you (or at least I) just want a basic pepperoni or bbq chicken slice, and for that my go-to in the neighborhood is also Abbot’s Pizza. And maybe this belongs in the FTC confessions thread, but I’m also a fan of the slices at the Venice Whole Foods. They’re big (one slice plus a side salad is plenty for me), with good quality ingredients and a bready but not too bready crust, and cheap - $3.50 each or two for $6 I believe.


Agree in all counts.

Best? I don’t know but I usually end up at Joes Pizza in Santa Monica or Slicetruck next to Tacos Plus when I’m in the mood for a Slice

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If you’re not a fan of cornmeal (or just corn generally), then Town.


Hi @ipsedixit,

I’ve been to Zelo’s before. What kind of pizza does Town have? Neapolitan? Thanks.

i hate Abbots…TOO Thick! tomato pie, never again after being offered ranch dressing and a bbq chicken slice…ugh!..i would go for a slice at Gelson’s before either of those 2…My fave still Vito’s for slices though i havent tried the Gjelina to go which looks real good!

No, not VPN, and not even faux Neapolitan.

More like “farm-to-table, hipster-cool, NYC street corner gas-oven” style pizza.


VWF…TOO bready!

What does Gelson’s have? Wolfgang Puck?

To each his or her own, then. I happen to like bready pizza if it’s good bread. And since Abbot’s thing is the bagel crust, I guess breadiness is a given.

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I’m a cretin - I will eat just about any type of pizza as long as it tastes good to me. As for too bready? Sambal belacan on pizza - especially bready ones - so good.