Best Pizza by the Slice?

Went to Pizzanista last night before the Kings/Rangers game. It was pretty crowded around 4:30 with the line basically out the door.

Good slices and lots of different varieties. We tried the pepperoni, veggie, meat Jesus and plain cheese. We also ordered garlic knots.

Good crust. Would have liked a little more sauce on the slices. They use a decent amount of oregano in the sauce which I liked but others may not. The garlic knots were slathered in a garlic oil with a plethora or garlic chunks. The marinara sauce they gave us on the side was legit cold. Not good. When we went back to our car one of the guys coming out from the bar was taking a piss about 8-10 feet from my front bumper. So there’s that.


I have to ask…

I’m a pizza blotter, i.e. I take a napkin or paper towel and press it on my pizza to soak up some of the extra oil (and water, if the pizza looks a little soggy). I find I have to do this more with pepperoni than with sausage, since the pepperoni seems to weep oil. When you have the little pepperoni “cups” on your pizza, do you eat the oil that’s accumulated inside? Is that part of the charm of the cups?

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I was actually more making a lame Cialis crack.

Now that you mention it, however, eating the grease within is part of the joy of pepperoni cups, as is the textural difference between the crisp edges and meatier center. I also think some curling is the sign of higher quality pepperoni (i.e., made with a natural casing, etc.).


Just want to cross-reference my post re Lodge Bread’s pan pizza by the slice.

the grease is whatever for me, the charm is the crisp pepperoni edges. Strangely enough, Costco pizza is shit but they seem to be able to do this occasionally.

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Appollonia’s makes a great slice.

And they make an even better whole pie with duck sausage.


I had 2 fantastic squares last week at Prime…no complaints from me…maybe I’ve been lucky, but Ive never had an unacceptable slice or pie at Prime! I tried the Little Tokyo branch a couple weeks ago and it was excellent, though they were just reheated slices…I asked to make sure they were hot!

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For a variety of reasons I’ve had to give up bread and pasta, and pizza is the one thing I miss most.

Anyone know of a really great gluten-free pizza (particularly by the slice)?

Might be blasphemy to some (@lapizzamaven for example), apologies in advance.

your handle is highly questionable to me

Though I complained that I probably could have used another tweezered application of 2 more slices of pepperoni on it, the square Brooklyn was quite tasty as opposed to the NY pie cut.

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Why, yes I do.

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It’s like taking mini shots of pepperoni oil. It’s flavah!


yea, definitely deserved more meat on that slice…shit happens…If its a reheat I always mention to make it hot

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Thanks - looks good. Probably should have asked, anyone know of a really great gluten-free slice on the westside?

Have to say, those pics of Appollonia make the pies look pretty legit.

Can’t vouch for the quality but Grey Block on Pico by SMC does gluten free pan pizza that looks pretty decent. Also, while not gluten free, I believe the pan pizza at Lodge Bread is made with sourdough.

I was in the area and remembered your recommendation. I went in there and got a slice to go. It was delicious. While there was complete coverage from the giant slices of pepperoni, they were very thin and spicy. BUT not overpowering at all.

I definitely liked this a lot. If I lived in the area…

Great call! Thank you.

Maybe time to move? I know a great realtor …


Yikes, I had some really bad slices (one pepperoni, one pesto) from “Vito’s” Santa Monica. I’m still recovering from the flu, so my taste buds aren’t 100%, but the texture was definitely off on these. Almost like (non-pizza) pie crust.

Stopped by Slicetruck the other day and big changes are happening. The biggest is they’ve stopped selling slices. All they have now is small personal pizzas. Kind of a bummer actually.

On the plus side, they’ve dropped their prices considerably. I used to get a little personal grandma pizza (4 slices) with one topping for around $16. Now I can get a small (6 slices) for just a dollar more. As far as I can tell, the quality is the same as before.

They’re also talking about expanding into the space next door (which they own) to create a sit-down dining experience. It sounds like their whole business model, including name, may be changing.


Slicetruck: Not a truck. And also no longer offering slices.