Best Pizza by the Slice?

Really??? Is it just a style thing (their pizzas are quite different) or something else? I myself am quite partial to Milo and Olive’s.

We only ever had M&O delivered, full disclosure. We had some pizzas that were too salty, or their mushroom pizza, which to me, is like cream of mushroom soup on crust.

Slice Truck do-it-myself toppings on white pizza

Added olives to this Milo&olive and was sooo salty :unamused:


really nemroz…ok…I haven’t played basketball in years but I had a decent handle

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thanks for the reminder about this comment, ipsedixit…I told a friend I would pass on Appolonia because they had what looked like avocado sauce dribbled on their slice in web site photo…but now im intrigued!

It’s not traditional pizza by any means.

Consider it “CPK elevated”

But, I like.

hmmmm, CPK elevated…now I’m really intrigued…but it’ll have to wait till I check out something im beyond intrigued to try! will report back soon

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definitely interesting…I genuinely have an aversion to Chi style…but tried Hollywood Pies a few months ago…awful…but this looks interesting

It’s Sicilian and, as you know, not really deep dish, nor NYC thin.

But more in line with a well dressed (or topped) focaccia. Airy, and almost sponge-like.

Hollywood Pies is awful? You’ve got to lose your username now, fam. I know food obsessed Chicagoans who swear by it and bring it over when they come.

Not by the slice, but Settabello has a gluten-free crust that I’ve heard good things about.

to ipse, are you referring to the Hollywood Pies? its def Chi deep dish or at least it was the day. I was there…and so distant to what anyone not from Chicago would call pizza…heavy, 2 lbs of sauce and too much everything…guess its the gluttonous midwest appetite…as for Nemroz…I could give a shit about what food obsessed chicagoans think…ive met one Chicago native who hesitatingly admitted the deep dish is such a unique species that it shouldn’t be classed with real pizza…and frankly I hardly have to put stock in your opinion to justify my credibility about pizza…I say, bah humbug to your thoughts on this issue…I’ll find a couple photos of my unpleasant pizza experience…it aint Sicilian and it aint pizza!..harrumph!


Was talking about Dough Box Sicilian slices.

Im shocked there’s not more love here for Joe’s Pizza - hands down my favorite slice-teria and that couldn’t be NYC if its area code was 212 (old school!). When super fresh from the oven, the white pizza with ricotta and spinach is super legit.


Ah, very good

Joe’s was excellent when it opened in downtown SM…it has def gone downhill since, though still good…how many locations are there now, anyway?


Joe’s Hollywood was not good, esp for the price.

In other words, authentic.

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Have to agree joe’s has always been overpriced and not good at all

I don’t like Joe’s either. A friend LOVES it. I had hollywood pies, once it was delish, second time awful!

Hollywood Pies is real chicago pizza made by real chicago guys… I haven’t had it in a couple of years so maybe it went to shit but have had it dozens of times … we used to go before they allowed people inside and picked up from the curb.

i made pizza for 4 years in the past and have 3 Sicilian doughs proofing for this weekend. perhaps you should reconsider your expertise in this style of pizza and we can all learn from this exchange. i welcome the day you become a maven in the field :slight_smile: sorry i came on strong… it’s all said with a half smile

for the record, i’m wrong often and people correct me and i absorb it and am able to change my mind. maybe ho pies is shit now

I had hollywood pies this year and they remained as good as I remember them. I think for some people chicago style pizza is not their thing. I can only have it about 1 to 2 times a year since its so damn heavy.