Best pizza in South OC?

We’ve lived here 40 years and have found a few good pizza places but it can be hit or miss sometimes. Our all-time favorite (of the ones still open) is Peppino’s in Aliso Viejo; it’s the last of a several store chain. We’ve also liked Terra Mia, and have enjoyed Cicero’s and Antonucci’s over the years. Sal’s is pretty good, but was on the greasy side for me. We’ve yet to try Joe’s Italian (the original owner of Peppino’s) as it’s kindof out of the way for us. Long Beach’s Domenico’s opened near us but their pizza prices seem to be almost 50% above the others.

We’re in Mission Viejo and prefer takeout most of the time. Any favorites??

Really enjoyed the Detroit style pizza from gibronis reheats well located in San Clemente. I would avoid getting the pepperoni because they put wayyy too many on there. Sausage and pickled pepper pizza we ordered was excellent.

Thank you, but I’ve read up on Detroit style and it doesn’t appeal to me. I’m from New York, so………. Maybe if I’m down that way for some reason.

Besides, San Clemente is a good 30 minutes each way. Too long for takeout.


there was an excellent VPN certified pizzeria in Santa Margherita…presently, the name escapes me…also, Pizza Ortica somewhere down there


bummer…great pizza!

Is Angelina’s (in the Los Olivos Marketplace, the other side of the 405 from the Spectrum) too far for you?

Thank you! Not for takeout since one of us if often on the 405 through there a lot in the early evening. I’ll check it out but their online menu doesn’t seem to offer build your own pizzas and my wife has a preferred build she doesn’t like to deviate from. Also, how large are their pizzas? So many places do only smallish ones now.

The pizzas are dinner plate size, so probably around 10" (give or take) and are available for takeout. Not sure if they allow customizing, but never hurts to ask.

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Thanks once more. We get a 16” 3 topping pizza at Peppino’s for about the same price, so likely not the same animal. “Gourmet” has its price I guess. Peppino’s has ‘gourmet’ pizzas too, but we’re basil, tomatoes, and artichoke fans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FYI Angelina’s pizza is neopolitan and doesn’t travel very well. Not as good as Fuoco for this style but still tasty. We like Angelina’s bc of their more extensive menu with pasta, salads and entrees.

I would take their pizza over Terra Mia.


Two things

  1. Looks like they only do one size, 11-12”, so I’d have to buy two to equal a Peppino’s large. That makes them pretty pricey.
  2. Are you familiar with Peppino’s and Cicero’s? Can you compare?

Never had either.