Best place to buy whole truffles?

My Thanksgiving “thing” is truffle mashed potatoes with shallots–last year, though, I used up the last of my truffles I’d been gifted from a relative’s European vacation. Where can I buy locally? In the past I’ve had whole black truffles in jars with a bit of oil, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up.

Where can I buy in Greater L.A.? Surfas?


Guido Marcello.


The truffle fun guys.

Monsieur marcel at the Farmer Marker has both whole black truffles and whole white truffles ($129/oz) yesterday. I also like their bresaola and Jamón ibérico, both sliced paper thin to order.

their bresaola is excellent!


And don’t forget your local Costco.

Did someone just say fucking bresaola ???

Where ???

The kosher version of prosciutto if you will.

Mr. Marcel @ Farmers Market (3rd & Fairfax)

Thanks. Fucking dope. I’m fucking on it.

Was the jamon iberico pata negra? do you recall the price?

which costco carries whole truffles?

It was either $129 or $139 per pound.

from fucking Costco ???

really ???