Best Pot Roast in LA

WHo has good pot roast?



Second the rec for Jar. They have always identified themselves as “a modern chophouse,” and the steaks and other grilled meats are indeed excellent, but year in and year out, I think the pot roast has always been the signature dish. (The Coq Au Vin is no slouch either…)


Third Jar.

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if you just need a quick fix, Bay Cities has a pretty good one at their hot bar. Super inexpensive too relative to any resto.

My biggest complaint is that their slices are predominantly too thick. Need some patience and good staffer to get your order as u like it!

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Oh yeah. I used to get the pot roast sandwich at Bay Cities. Thanks for the reminder.

regarding Jar. this is what I found.

they have fried chicken on sundays. how is that? Will check it out thanks!

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