Best recommendation for a home poppyseed grinder?


Spoiled by my years in Cleveland, where you could go to certain markets and get fresh ground poppyseed. Now living in Los Angeles where I can get the canned filling (too sweet!) or, make my own but? My coffee grinder, even with pre-soaking the seeds, doesn’t do a perfect job.

I know some folks use the kitchen-aid meat grinder attachment to grind their seeds and I may end up with that. But any recs for under $50 are much appreciated!

Bellow is a recent pic of my last batch of rolls…

Do you already own a VitaMix or Blendtec? Those have the ability to make flour.
I didn’t know that poppy seeds can come grounded.

I have drooled over Vitamix’s for years - but do not own one. And at $400 - I might not own one for a while! (Especially if it is just for poppyseed.)

I am starting to hear rumors and posts that the Magic Bullet (the newer, more powerful model) can grind poppyseed. So I’ll be looking at the Black Friday sales in November.

And yes, in certain parts of the country, they sell freshly ground poppyseeds in the fall, when most folks bake poppyseed based treats. So I’ve been spoiled ; )

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Ahh…understood. The VitaMix is no joke. My husband wanted one a few years ago for Christmas…because the Mexican restaurant we frequented uses it to make the best frozen margaritas. In that it also blends exceptional bisques, smoothies, and also peanut butter is a bonus for him and us.
I thought it was insane, too…also I like my margaritas on ice…not blended. But it’s turned out to be one of the most used appliances on my counter.

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love my vitamix! tired of grating cheese on a zester? throw that huge chunk of hard cheese into the vitamix and a few seconds later…voila! the longer i blend it, the finer the cheese powder gets!

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Wow - good to know!