Best sushi on a budget?

Now that Shunji’s lunch special is just a fond memory.


I like U-Zen for the $80-120 range (which, ah, may now be “on a budget”).

K-Zo does a surprisingly good deluxe chirashi ($45), in my opinion competitive with similar offerings from Sushi Tsujita (i.e. the premium Kaisendon or Bara Chirashi).

Sushi Tsujita, obviously, does good chirashi ($35-50).

I’m still hoping to find some other options where I can eat “actual sushi” (i.e. at least a mostly-nigiri meal) in the “up to $100” range without leaving hungry and/or feeling like I’d rather have gone to Sugarfish (which I haven’t done in a while).


sushi takeda lunch

kogane lunch

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I had such a love hate relationship with Shunji’s lunch special. Was always good but ALWAYS left starving.

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Kiriko lunch–lots of options including four 7 piece sushi combo sets ranging from $26-34 and a 9 piece (plus handroll) omakase at $50.


12 handrolls from kazu nori for $60

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I like Kazu Nori, but I wouldn’t call that sushi. Oh, wait, that’s a joke, isn’t it?

Okay, here’s an out of the box suggestion then - Iki Ramen in ktown. Extremely high QPR with excellent ramen to boot. JL did a pictorial essay.

Morihiro does a 10pc for $100, which I guess is a lot more affordable than the $350-$400pp bar omakase.


Iki Ramen is also a good suggestion but for me has typically fallen into the “chirashi” bucket (with their kaisendon), but I guess you could double up on the “Iki Sushi” combo for 16 pieces of nigiri + half a crab roll for $48?

I haven’t actually had their nigiri before so I’m not sure how it compares to other places, but it might be a steal?

What I’m personally looking for is serious traditional Edomae sushi without spending $200 or more (so probably lunch). I go to high-end places occasionally but I’m not enough of a connoisseur that it’s cost-effective. In that price range I’ll have more fun at Shibumi.

Under $50, I’d rather find a place with good hwe dup bap, where I can keep the cost down by drinking soju.

Does SGO LA offer lunch? Their $150 weekday lunch in NYC is an amazing deal.

q sushi lunch $150
shin sushi dinner ~$150

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I try to get a lunch reservation at Q almost every time I go to LA! No luck so far.

Had a nice lunch at Sushi Tsujita today. $75 premium nigiri special; clear soup, appetizer assortment (cooked tako, ebi, and awabi, a slice of roasted duck breast, and a mini chawan mushi), 11 pieces of nigiri (tai, hiramasa, hotate, ocean trout, akami, toro, ika, aji, kohada, tamago, one more I’m forgetting) and a tiny uni-ikura don. For lunch, it was plenty of food.


Brothers Sushi - lunch omakase or premium chirashi bowl

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As someone else already mentioned, Kiriko for lunch. Really good bang for the buck. Also Kiriko’s miso soup is outstanding if you care about things like that. And if you like to finish your sushi off with something sweet do not sleep on the truffle ice cream. Weird but delectable.

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Good thread. With all the high-end places going dinner omakase only I’ve wondered this very thing.

We tried Sushi Kisen (or as my phone’s autocorrect called it, “Sushi Kidney”) in Arcadia this past Saturday evening, and my teenager and I got their premium sushi set. We were both satisfied with our meal. 48.50 (plus t/t) for the set.


Soregashi in Hollywood will serve you an edo-style omakase, one piece at a time when sitting at the bar, for $85 to $100 for dinner. They only have a single sushi chef, so the pacing can sometimes be rushed or delayed, but otherwise it’s great value and quality.