Best taco trucks/stands/shops in the San Fernando Valley

I’m looking for the best tacos in the valley (especially al pastor). I have been to Priscilla’s and love their adobado and buche. I have also tried Tacos El Venado and really like their cabeza and chorizo…but I haven’t been able to find a good al pastor spot.

Really interested in any good taco places but if their specialty is al pastor, thats a bonus.

Las Fuentes does brisk business. I also like Costa Grande in Van Nuys - good al pastor, and the al pastor sopes are even better than the taco.

ETA to add a pic of Costa Grande’s carne asada tacos I had a couple weeks ago.


Las Fuentes also owns Melody’s Kitchen on Reseda, 1 block away.

They own a few places, including Soy Y Luna and Senor Sol.

I did not know about Señor Sol. Cool!

I just went to Salsa and Beer in NoHo. I’ve made no secrets of my love for this place on several occasions.

Got the crispy carnitas and a soft drink, my lady got the Asada and shrimp combo and a margarita. That steak has such a smoky taste from that grill. It’s just a drive to get there.

Out the door for $40 including tip.

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