Best under $10 burger in Manhattan?

For me …

Boilermaker - $7

Burger Joint - $9

Genuine Roadside - $8

And you?

Shake Shack double double $8+
Bill’s Bar $10


Sorry, my love, but Shake Shack is not worth the calories. Custard good. Burger not so much.

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Burger Joint
Fish - Bleecker Street burger @ $10

Yes a burger at a fish joint.

Are you yucking on my yum, babydoll?

You and I both concur that the beloved Filet O’ Fish is worth the caloric intake, with the extra tartar and a hash brown for you and a small fry for me… :two_hearts:

Nah, of course not.

Just steering you to better yum.

You would totally dig Bill’s Bar burger…kicks serious ass and has your name all over it.

Going to second the Fish burger. Ottomanelli’s beef, and great fries too. Nothin’ fancy, just a well-done burger.

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Yeah, I for some reason I like the combo of oysters, burger and fries. Blue points really are a nice precursor to a good burger.

Boilermaker, you say? That’s right down the block from me, and I haven’t tried it yet! Will change that ASAP.

Miller’s Near and Far happy hour: burger and a beer $9.00 (I think the burgers are $5.00/ea)

Burger and Barrel happy hour burger: less than $10, not sure exactly.

I haven’t tried the Boilermaker burger either, but have also heard it’s very good.

Love the burgers at Miller’s.

Schnippers makes a great burger that’s totally underrated (IMHO better than Shake Shack). At $5.99 it’s hard to beat. They make excellent comfort food in a casual environment.