Best Values for Good Cuts of Meat?

It’s autumn, and for me that means it’s time to break out the slow cooker (with or without my Dorkfood DSV)! Anyone have any insight on places to get good, fatty (i.e. not over-trimmed) cuts of meat at great prices?

Specifically looking for whole briskets (Smart & Final and Costco are my typical sources), chuck roasts, bone-in ribeyes, pork shoulders, pork chops…and of course anything I haven’t thought of that would be well-suited for slow-cooking or sous vide.

Located in K-Town, but willing to travel.

Thanks a bunch!

M&M Meat Market (Hardy’s BBQ) on Coldwater and Moorpark

Alexander’s in San Gabriel.

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Zion market sixth and Normandy has lots of interesting and some precut meats. Get a few katsus while ur there

In my experience Smart and Final’s beef is pretty bad. They sell select cuts and I have had briskets with a distinct off taste. Their pork is fine - Farmer John’s - but Ralphs Private Selections on sale is better quality for about the same price.
As not many places sell point cut brisket I either go to Gelson’s when it is on sale, Jim’s Fallbrook Market (way out of the way from Koreatown), or Cambridge Farms - a kosher market in the Valley that sells “second cut brisket” that is almost all plate cut. As it is kosher it is good quality, and the prices are reasonable.

Second hand information, but I’ve heard good things about Choice Meat Market next to Jeon-Ju in Koreatown.

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How much meat are you looking to buy?

When the Business Costco in Hawthorne has whole bone-in beef short ribs (4 bones per rack, and at least 2 rack packages, usually 4), they’ve been $2.49 to $2.59 per pound last time I checked. But, the packages can be anywhere from 8 to almost 20 pounds. The Business Costco also has better prices on briskets, bone-in pork butts, etc. than the regular Costcos.

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Thank you; yes, I should have been more specific, but I buy my meats at the Costco Business Center at Washington/Telegraph.

woah, I had no idea about this Costco Business Center in Hawthorne. It’s pretty close to my work so I’m going to have to go check it out for their meats. Thanks!

I’ve had really good luck with the butchers in the back of Handy Market in Burbank. They always have a pretty absurdly cheap special, which is what I usually get to throw on the grill that night.

I don’t usually get cuts meant for slow-roasting, but they butcher it there and are always super accommodating to any butchery-related requests I have, so I bet you could get appropriately trimmed beefs without too much hassle.