Best white truffle dishes in the city?

What do you all think/ how much will they run me?

They are much more expensive this year.

The NoMad is selling them at cost as they did last year. “Reasonable” = 4 grams @ $45. “Ridiculous” = 8 grams @ $95. We did the “Ridiculous.” The truffles were presented at the table and then shaved in the kitchen over tagliatelle with butter and Parmesan ($20). We each had our own.

White Truffles

At Vaucluse, Michael White’s new French restaurant on the UES, we shared an order of white truffles (I’m guessing 4 grams) on tajaran (thin ribbon pasta) with Parisian ham and butter. $59 (inclusive).

Tagliatelles Avec les Truffes Blanches d'Alba

I had it today at Pranzo in Eataly for $38 sup on both an ok Carne Cruda (machine cut somewhat bland mess), and mediocre fazzoletti with butter. Nomad does a better job.

Its been a tough year for Truffles overall due to the dry weather. Nomad is about $10 more than last year, and I don’t find it quite “At cost” considering they charge $20 for the pasta

Hey, semonila flour ain’t cheap.