Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast Hypes Foxy's in Glendale

I’ve never been there, but I’ll find a way now

it’s a place you go to get wasted at breakfast. decent enough diner type fare.

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L’Ambassade du Sud-Ouest aka Au Petit Sud Ouest, a Paris restaurant that specialized in foie gras, had toasters on every table, even on the sidewalk.

Then there was Ship’s … RIP


You don’t go there for the food - or the accuracy of your order: it’s all about the setting. (Also don’t go for the cleanliness - the number of cobwebs we encountered in/around our booth at our last visit [several years ago] went from “hmmm” to “another one, seriously?!” quite rapidly.)

All that said, I’d return: I really liked the atmosphere and decor. :grin: (Seriously.)

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Decent enough diner fare might be the one thing this city is severely lacking. I find myself at Foxy’s more often than I care to admit.