Better and Better - Revisiting Sushi Kimagure (Review + Pics)



Thanks for the report.

One of the my favorite things there was his Hokkigai “surf clam” which I had the pleasure of enjoying on one of my first visit there in his new digs back in late 2011, but have not seen him serve it ever since (and I go quite frequently).

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Shunji and [quote=“Chowseeker1999, post:1, topic:5782”]
his absurd mastery of Truffles

… are back! Summer truffles now in stock.

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Do you know approx how many pieces in the $65 omakase?

By chance can anyone compare Kimagure in Pasadena vs Tanaka in Simi Valley with respect to QPR?

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Experience and QPR: Tanaka > Kimagure


Thanks @ipsedixit. :slight_smile: The Hokkigai sounds great; it seems maybe some of the more exotic / rarer fish aren’t as prevalent in the offerings these days.

Hi @Ns1,

I don’t know about the nigiri-only option (at $65), but the Hana option at $65 (w/ Seafood Salad, Sashimi and Sushi) had about 6 pieces of Sushi (in addition to the other items).

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Had a FANTASTIC lunch here today

Forgot to take pic of starter (monkfish liver) and hamachi nigiri

Bonus round


Nice @tailbacku. :slight_smile: What was your favorite piece today?

Definitely the Aji. Ike San said it was from Kyushu, Japan. Best piece of Aji I’ve ever had.