Beverly Hills Caviar

Did anybody ever get stuff from these guys?

All looks weird, to say the least:

*24 Hour Automated Boutiques
Can I use my credit card at the boutiques?
Answer:No, The boutiques only accept cash at this time. The denominations accepted are $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills (USD Currency). Also the machines maintain a credit balance at the end of a purchase. For Example, If an item costs $80.00 and you insert $100.00 bill, at the end of the transaction you will be asked if you would like to use the remaining credit of $20.00 for your next purchase. If you select yes, then the following purchase will have a $20.00 deduction instantly.

Me: “What if I select No???”

Odd policy. Buying caviar from an automated boutique is a little weird, too (24 hour vending machine for that 3am caviar run?). Like buying truffles via an arcade claw machine.

If I’m throwing down for oscietra, I don’t really want to take chances. I’d probably stick with Petrossian, personally. Especially if I’m giving a gift.

bev hills cheese shop

bev hills cheese shop”

What 'bout dear Norbert?

A friend of mine bought a tiny tin from the Hollywood & Highland location on a lark. Personally not a fan of the fact that it comes out frozen. I wouldn’t make a serious purchase from them; much rather go to Petrossian etc.

Frozen sounds wrong.

Little tins available at greenblatts too

Only positive I found w/BHC: they sell snail eggs.
Any other snail eggs source in LA?

Unfortunately, my garden.

U need a koi pond with sturgeon instead

First try the snail eggs, with a bottle of Montrachet, then we can talk.

what do they taste like? im guessing the drink isn’t a chaser

“Escargot Caviar, or Caviar D’escargot is a new and exciting ingredient that is gaining popularity in modern gastronomy. It’s has a singular pure white, rain drop, grassy kind of taste that adds a touch of luxury to infinite choices of appetizer dishes, such as, cold cucumber soup shots, tuna de tartar, lime jello, spinach sweet dip, duck confit, garbanzo beans mousse, bitter chocolate toasts.”

I guess not too pricy. Worth a try.

The Montrachets are…

fwiw i tend to buy my caviar when i do buy it at the one on Santa MOnica near Beverly Glen - the old Bel-Air caviar. here’s the website,just fyi. no snail eggs so far as I know

Our friends buy at the Beverly Hills Caviar machine all the time and told us about it at their party. It was a real conversation starter. So, my wife and I decided to give it a try. We love caviar and bought from many companies out there and were never very impressed. We bought from their machine in Century City Mall and it was outstanding, the best we ever had. The caviar was very delicious and affordable. Only drawbacks were finding parking and the machine doesn’t give change. However, it’s wholesale priced, since it accepts only cash. It’s way less expensive in comparison to any other company out here. You definitely get a great deal on top grade caviar. Also, their website makes it very convenient to get it delivered with free nationwide shipping.

Very bold of you. :slight_smile: