Bicyclette Bistro - Pico-Robertson

Bicyclette in the old sotto space is finally open. The plan is to first start with a bistro on the first floor and then later in the summer open up the second floor with a tasting menu only format.

service was friendly and on point. the food was as good as republique but leaning more towards classical french. there’s a section on the menu called “hors d’oeuvres” and it’s basically stuff you can eat with margarita’s baguettes. and it may be my favorite section on the menu, I could have just eaten that all night it was really good.

p.s. great seeing fellow intrepid ftc’er @J_L out in the wild, hope you enjoyed your meal.

baguette and rodolphe le meunier butter

preserved vintage 2015 sardines
I may or may not have eaten this with tons of butter @JeetKuneBao

duck liver mousse, pudwell farms blackberry gelée

deliciously buttery and spreadable. I can’t believe it’s not foie gras :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

soft egg in the shell, smoked sturgeon, kaluga caviar

a play on eggs on eggs in an egg

caramelized onion tarte tatin, goat cheese

damn this was incredible, perfectly sweet caramelized onions, on top of a flaky buttery crust with enough goat cheese to balance it out. highlight of the night.

boulliabaisse, rock cod. mussels, clams, prawns
every piece was not surprisingly perfectly cooked. pro tip, save some of your toasted baguette to dip into your broth at the end. only quibble was the broth was a bit salty.

cherry pistachio and apricot tart


9575 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90035


Good to see you as well, buddy. I missed out on them sardines.


Here’s the unempathetic (not a word, but whatever) version to @PorkyBelly and @J_L reviews. They are at least courteous enough to take great pics before diving in. My crew is way more impulsive and selfish. Only did the A- side of the menu. Next visit, B-side entrees.

Bastide Cocktail
All of our favorite spirits in one drink. Drank before we took a pic, but here’s the board


The sturgeon is the best compliment of any version in recent memory

Escargots :snail: Ode to Church & State Manzke Years

This is where two roads diverge and the pics go downhill. Already consumed dishes everywhere. Sorry, but not really.


Edwards Cured Ham - OMG

Moules with Strauss Butter - would like this dish to be wetter

Frites on the side (missed the picture of the pommes fondue - Frites dipped in their Pommes Mousseline)

My version of food styling

Half eaten baguette and sardines :+1:

Great food. Too much wine :wine_glass:. Horrible journaling.

Great cheese plate. Missed a pic of Margie’s amazing fruit and nut loaf.

Um, that’s lemon tart. Really good :yum:

Chocolate Tart :ok_hand:

Too much wine


Worst recap ever. But get thee to Bicyclette :bike:! A jewel :gem:


Pressure’s on for me to post my own pictorial now… :wink:


I set the bar super low for you.


You are way too kind, as always…

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I’m shooting the moon🌙 here compared to you two.

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Sounds like a wonderful place!
Are those wines from their list?

that’s proper journaling in my book. From start to finish on what happened that night, :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:


We brought those wines, but will order from the list next time. Solid bistro list. I should have taken a pic of the list. Arghhh! Sorry!


got you covered


LOL I had a photo of it too, but thanks PB. #ComprehensiveFTCing


You had me at this. It’s my favorite section on the menu too… and I haven’t even eaten there yet!


food menu, a little different from @chewchow’s


Lol you still get badges for wittiest and connoisseur level wine knowledge. Bravo!

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Lol! You could tell how good the food was by how quickly it was destroyed before you could take a picture :joy::upside_down_face:

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This is why you guys are so much better at this than I am! :pray:

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Is it open to the hoi polloi yet?

they’re soft open right now and I believe taking walk-ins only

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What time did you walk-in and about how long was the wait?