Big Mista's Morning Wood in the LBC?

anyone been to the fucking joint just yet ???

a nice breakfast spin on his usual BBQ goods.

and theres biscuits.

They got a version of char siu bao as well. I saw it on tv but have yet to try it. BBQ baos of some sort. Has anyone tried the BBQ baos?

had an earlier rendition of the Q-bun (shortly after their opening?) and it was mostly blech. surely it has to be better now, but why bother.

i’m there for the sauceless deckle, that’s about it.

yeah, I still gotta hit up the new brick and mortar joints. no fucking joke.

what’s deckle ??? fatty brisket ???

these days better than maple block ???/ it’s definitely a third the price though.

better than MB? ennnnhhhh.

it’s closer. it’s faster. and as the Chinese like to say: it’s good enough. the sauce is still as gross as ever though. i don’t know what’s up w/ that.

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I sometimes like that disgusting sauce, but it’s brisket, it really don’t need no sauce, that’s why it’s so terrible.

maplbe block’s sauces beyond fucking sux to high heaven too.

YEP! all of them. AWFUL.


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Does he still have a booth at the century city farmers market?

Just one and now two fucking brick and mortar joints.

Do they still have that wonderful BBQ pastrami?

Not the last 2 times I was at the LBC B&m. :frowning:

Hey. For those of us in the vast wasteland of South Orange County… what’s the ‘C’ in LBC? Is this the Big Mista’s on Los Coyotes?

Long Beach City

Thanks. I’ve never seen that acronym before and I’ve lived both north and south of LB most of my long life. Is there an LB-something else that LBC needs to be differentiated from?

LBC = Long Beach City if I’m not mistaken.

no fucking clue for sure though.

“With so much drama in the L-B-C
It’s kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G!”


I guess he was born there, so he’d know. Not a fan myself.

LBc and where else?

Long Beach store is closed. Where did they go?

they left and moved out of state.