Big Sugar Bakeshop

Hi everyone and Happy New Year to you! I thought it was time for my annual posting!

My guy, Ciao Bob, is a savory sort as I’m sure you all know. So that leaves the sweet tooth to me. I first discovered Big Sugar Bakeshop years ago when I lived in Studio City. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of it or ordered there? I find it consistently excellent and delicious. I’ve ordered cakes and cupcakes from them for years. Their cakes are dense and moist and their buttercreams divine. I find their flavors more complex than just Susie Cakes for example, which I like actually, but there’s no comparison to Big Sugar to my tastes. Interesting in other’s opinions here, thank you, LM


never been, i’ll give it a try when I’m in Downtown.

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When I worked downtown, I liked popping in here on my lunch break to get a sweet treat. Their cupcakes are pretty good, and really popular for work birthday treats at my office.

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I love all their chocolate stuff and coconut. and the hummingbird is incredible and I don’t even like banana or pineapple in my cupcakes (only have on Sat and Sun).


Happy New Year @LouisianaMouth Miss seeing you, the DH and other hounds in person! :hugs:

Since you’re a real Southern Belle, I have to take your coconut and hummingbird cake rec seriously!

Thanks for putting this place on my radar!


I ordered a birthday cake for my husband a couple of years ago from the Santa Monica location. They were nice enough to deliver it by walking it across the street to the restaurant we were having dinner at. I remember everyone loving the cake…it’s very traditional American buttercream. So if that’s your game, you’ll enjoy it. It was a tad bit sweet to me.