Bigg Dane and Beale BBQ

I friend of a friend told me about this place way out in Rancho Cucamonga that had good BBQ. I guess the address says Fontana but it is right off the 15 fwy on baseline.

So I called in a phone order, which really doesn’t do anything because they rang it up when I arrived. Side note, the parking is really weird, I guess you have to take some other street to get to their parking lot. I practiced my ninja skills and jumped over and around some small fences to get to the place. I was fuckin starving.

I ordered brisket dinner with Mac n cheese and greens. Also grabbed a half rack of St. Louis ribs.

Result: some pretty damn good que. I really liked both the ribs and brisket. The ribs were perfectly cooked (notice my bite marks) and I really like that they left the membrane on the ribs (love that texture and flavor). The brisket was really moist, just enough smoke and cut extra thick (not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing) but it had a nice bite. They gave me two huge slices of the point which I killed half of.

Mac n cheese was nothing to write home about, and it had a slightly sweet flavor oddly enough. The greens were fantastic, and it had huge chunks of ham hock?? I am assuming.

Overall, definitely legit que. But the drive might be a deal breaker for most. If in the area, or on your way to Vegas/Palm Springs definitely got it a shot.