Birdsong, SF

Pacific Northwest cuisine by chef Chris Bleidorn. Birdsong is a new tasting menu restaurant in the SOMA space that was once AQ and now has a live fire hearth. Highlights were the Hopi blue cornbread, “fish and chips,” and lamb-stuffed morels. The wine pairing featured mainly, if not all, Oregon wines.

shigoku oyster, ice plant, fresh wasabi, dulce, lime oil and persimmon vinegar

halibut “fish and chips” with fresno chile pommes souffle filled with warm tartar sauce

i forgot what this was - bacon, chives, sour cream and caviar?

cured and smoked trout served over burning cedar
trout skin with roe and flowers

trout bone gelee and custard with scraped belly fat and marigolds

take on clam chowder with geoduck and fermented whey and pork fat jus

toasted parker roll

lamb-stuffed morels

blue hopi cornbread

wild boar with madrone bark, elderberries, ramps, and pine needles

aged duck with its gizzards


blueberries, bee pollen, chamomile

bread custard, jasmine, toasted milk


San Francisco’s an odd choice of location for a restaurant to “explore, discover and showcase the original cuisine of the Pacific Northwest,” but on the other hand it has a Michelin guide, which can do a lot to help the bottom line of that kind of place.