Birriria La Raza

These guys run a set of food trucks in Irvine. My son and I hit one in between soccer matches last weekend. We’re by no means birria experts but loved our meal. We got combo box, which was 8 mini tacos and a big quesadilla. The taco tortillas were nicely crisped. Each one was stuffed full of cheese and nicely seasoned, not too salty birria. The quesadilla was similar but stuffed even more full. Salsa that came with them was great but way too spicy for us to handle. And the broth was fantastic - a bit salty, but flavorful and deep! We’ll definitely be back.


Goat or beef?

If it’s these guys, it’s beef. They have a bull logo which says “100% res”. Not sure of the hours though. Food looks good in the pictures.

Sorry, yep, beef! I would have loved for it to be goat, but these were still quite tasty. Have no idea on teh hours, although they seem pretty established and believe they have a website with posted hours. The pics do not lie… their tacos/quesadillas are stuffed to the gills. And at noon on a Saturday in the middle of a corporate parking lot, had a pretty consistent crowd of 4-5 parties ordering, including a lot of construction workers.