Birthday Brunch in Beverly Hills

Doing a birthday brunch for 6 on a Sunday. Dont care about a huge meal or buffet. Thinking patio or outdoor. The BDay girl is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and does not want the Polo Lounge.

Thinking, Fred’s at Barney’s
Rooftop at Montage

Any other outdoor or patio ideas? Could be inside too. They want to walk from the BH Hotel. Thanks.

I think your 2 selections are good.

I like sitting on the patio at Bouchon…in case you want more of a French flair to brunch. I like how it overlooks the courtyard to the Montage.

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I like Bouchon for brunch. I also like Porta Via a lot.

Petrossian, Bouchon, or Spago. In that order.

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For a view of the city, can’t really beat Soho House. Great avocado toast at brunch.

But unless you’re a member, then Spago is as good a venue as any that fits your criteria.

@ipsedixit I thought about about Soho, except for that pesky membership.