Birthday dinner

I need a help finding a place for my birthday. I celebrated early in London and Paris and had some really great meals.
Unless you want sushi, Los Angeles is lacking when it comes to special places to celebrate. In the past we liked some places more (Ink, Bestia, Providence) than others (Kali, Alma, Redbird, Maude, Trois Mec).
I am hoping there is a special place with creative food and good service that I don’t know about.
I look forward to read your suggestions.

Some of my favorite birthday places include Saddle Peak Lodge, Nobu Malibu, Craft and Cassia. Have a great birthday.


Thank you.

Perhaps you are looking for that most elusive of creatures in L.A. called “fine dining”.

Try n/naka or Patina.

Another good bet is SAAM at The Bazaar SLS in Beverly Hills.

In no particular order:
Le Comptoir
Factory Kitchen
Osteria Mozza
Angelini Osteria
Animal - Not upscale. But goes on all my lists :slight_smile:.

I second a few of the above posters’ recs too.

Happy Birthday!


Hi J_L,

I was hoping to find a new place or a hidden gem that I did not know about.

The Royce (do the Chef’s Table)

tar & roses



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Tempura Endo
Odys and Penelope
Hatchet Hall
The last two are more Animal special than Fine Dining special, although the dining is mighty fine. Excellent service at all three.

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With all due respect, how was I to know that you had already heard of Saam?

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Thank you.
I have considered Le Comptoir in the past. As much as I love veggies, I wish their menu was more of a mix of protein and veggies. As far as Otium, the reviews were not that positive, unless things have improved.

Me too!

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I considered Gwen, but my birthday is next Sunday and they were sold out for the weekends in August also.

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Thanks. Since you always discover new places, I was hoping for a miracle.

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this is a pretty good obscure rec.

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Yes, Le Comptoir is vedg centric. When we dined there they did have a scallop and a wagyu beef supplement. Plus, it’s definitely not an ordinary experience.

Otium was more for the atmosphere than the food. But the reviews weren’t incorrect. Food is hit or miss.

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yazawa? added bonus, toto toilet.


Looks really good ipse.