Birthday Group Idea?

If you were planning a fun place with good food in average price range what might you choose for 15 people?

Low corkage would be nice. Any area / cuisine. Just want to see if something great comes up here.

Terroni is what I was thinking


Maccheroni Republic?

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how about a FOOD AFFAIR? (i believe that was the name, robertson blvd, free corkage)

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free corkage sounds great but that place looks booty from all accounts… like i’d rather go to Stinking Rose and dog some prime rib (free corkage)

Based on “fun” being a cornerstone:

I’d keep it simple/LA and go with Korean BBQ. The higher end spots take reservations. Lots of them do corkage as well

For incredibly mediocre food in a very fun setting, I’d get a private room at Magic Castle.

Plan Check?

Road to Seoul is good for a fun group. Or Genwa.
I’ve heard good things about The Briks but haven’t been myself.
The Dresden maybe?

A persian place like Raffi’s in glendale.

Given the weather these days, maybe just hit up Bulgarini Gelato.

Handmade pasta and small batch gelato, and no corkage. Win, win, win! Just remember to bring your own lawn chairs.


don’t you need a member’s invite? we’re going next week… barely getting 6 in… yea i suggested a private room at Genwa. bday person not really a meat eater .

she’s Persian and would opt for Shamshiri … but seems like they dont want that

Oh my lord!

Takuma? Butcher’s Dog (patio would easily accommodate)?

I can’t remember if it’s 6 per invite or 8 per invite, so you’d need 2-3 passes from one member. Either way, it’s not too hard to find folks in town who have the invites.