Birthday spot dinner - fish only

hey everyone! so glad i found you all. i’ve been out of the loop. i would like to know if there are any new must try sushi spots on the scene. I still haven’t made it to Go’s Mart, so that may be an option. Also haven’t been to Sushi Zo downtown, I was wondering if that’s worth checking out. For some reason, I’m not super excited about it, maybe b/c I’ve been to the culver city location a few times, but not in many years.
Also, since we’re fish only if there’s anything new on the scene that you guys recommend for me as a nice bday night out, I’m willing to try. We’re heading to Kinjiro next weekend, or else I’d do that for sure. Doesn’t necessarily have to be Japanese food, it’s just what I usually crave.

WTF is fish only

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I ate at Zo DTLA once - it was good, in a vacuum, but for the price I’d rather try another spot first. It didn’t really hit the heights of excellence that I’d expect from a sushi spot that starts at $160 a head. Thankfully, I wasn’t paying that time.

We don’t eat any other types of meat. Fish only. Pretty self explanatory.

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So the overfishing is your fault then?

I’d go to Connie and Ted’s

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ha! yeah, that’s not a bad idea. i was only there once and overloaded in fried items. not a bad thing, but wouldn’t mind trying some other stuff on the menu.

Hi @Clyde,

Glad you found us! Welcome to FTC. :slight_smile:

I’d agree with @T3t about Sushi Zo as well: I’d go somewhere else. I’d rather hit up Shunji (have you been?) or Mori Sushi.

For Non-Japanese Fish, maybe Providence, and ask them to do a Fish-only style Tasting Menu for you?

Or Connie & Ted’s non-fried stuff. They have great Chilled Seafood like Wild White Shrimp, Crabs, Lobsters. I remember someone on our old board said their Grilled Fresh Fish (whatever they got fresh that week) is excellent (I haven’t tried it myself yet). Steamers were good.

and oysters and uni and fish etc etc

Not new, but certainly a must - Shunji’s.

I was wondering where you all went! I had to google, ‘where did everyone from CH go’. I have been to both Shunji and Mori… Mori was amazing, but Shunji I def think I need to try again b/c of all of the raves and my experience was just OK. It was right around New Years a few years ago and it just didn’t blow me away.
I think I do remember reading how the grilled fish at C&T was really good. I def need to try it. :slight_smile:

Oysters and Uni… Now we’re talking.

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Coni’s Seafood is wonderful.


Thanks all. I think I had some questions answered here. NO to DTLA Zo, and YES to Connie’s (just gotta limit my fried food order this time… it’s so hard to resist).

Deep-fried is the exception at Coni’. Any pescatarian yet to try Coni’, Mariscos Chente or any other Mexican seafood eateries graced by the hand of Sergio Penuelas is in for a real treat. I think he is currently at Cheko El Rey Del Sarandeado in Long Beach - savant pescatarian westsidegal probably could confirm.

However, you should be fine at Coni’. It’s only once-removed from Sergio’s leadership. He was there for quite a while. I live a lot closer to Mariscos Chente in the Del Rey/Mar Vista area. This is where he first received a lot of notice. While he left there (guessing) four to six years ago, most of his dishes are still reasonably good.


If $ isn’t an issue, what about Cassia?

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+1 Cassia


Wonderful Seafood at Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach!


I saw you posted about smoked fish on the other “seafood” thread. Along that line, consider Gjusta in Venice and Wexler’s in DTLA’s Grand Central Market. I haven’t been to Wexler’s but have been to Gjusta several times. Their smoked fish assortment is always very good as is its quality. A big plus here is their bread products are excellent.


Yes to both Wexler’s (top) and Gjusta (bottom) Both on the very causal side…


Judging by this Ruth Reuchl blog post, Diamond Jim Brady should take responsibility for overfishing: