Bistro LQ Pop-Up - Exquisite French Cooking at "Home" and the Stunning Cheese Cart at the Underground Supper Club [Thoughts + Pics]



I could have sworn I was on this guy’s mailing list… do you have to follow on FB/Twitter to get invites now?

Looks splendid as usual.

The one time I made it to one of these dinners I was with a party of 4 and we got one of every cheese off the cart, which was around like 50 different cheeses…it was a wild night that I wouldn’t mind recreating.

Hi @Aesthete,

I’m not too sure what’s going on with his mailing list. His website is sadly no longer updated, and it was a friend who arranged our evening. I think you just reserve via his Twitter / Facebook page these days, perhaps message the chef to see what his upcoming schedule is like?

How do you message the chef these days? FB message?

Nice report @Chowseeker1999. Did you try the “king of all cheeses” - unpasteurized epoisses?

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You could try that, or reach out on Twitter? I didn’t make the reservations for this dinner. Good luck.

Thanks for the report! Great, as always. I’ve always wanted to go, but it’s never quite worked out. Some day!

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I love that the juices of that duck are making a break for it across the plate. And dat cheese!

I got an email from him on Aug. 3 about the meal that @Chowseeker1999 reviewed, so maybe your email got dropped off on accident. May be worth re-signing up.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Oh yes I did. :persevere: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It is special in its own way… like Durian. :wink:

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Wow that Epoisse must emit a pungent odor!

There’ll be another Underground Supper Club on August 26, for anyone interested. $120 (without wine pairing). Not going myself, but at the time of this posting, looks like there are eight seats still available.

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In case some of y’all don’t frequent FTC France, heads up that it’s cassoulet month over at Bistro LQ…

LQ Cassoulet @MaMaison

Every Fridays and Saturdays in November

For those of you who have yet to know or to hear about Laurent or to experience his unique style of cooking, this master chef’s specialty is to artfully and ingeniously merge “classic” French dishes with unique and interesting ingredients found at local ethnic markets, treating gourmands to a lavish array of tastes and textures and truly ‘cutting edge’ cuisine. Those nights Laurent will recreate a great classic

Cassoulet “Toulousain"

First Course

A simple salad of “mache “ (Lamb Lettuce) | Poached Leeks | Gribiche Dressing | Bone Marrow | Fried Shallots

Main Course

The cassoulet to include tarbais beans, duck leg confit, “saucisse de toulouse”, “saucisson a l’ail”, Confit pork Belly, lamb shoulder baked for seven hours


$49.00 per person (doesn’t include wine pairing)

LQ Cheese Cart will be available but is NOT included in the menu

Selection of 20 non pasteurized cheeses imported from France

3 cheeses - $12 / 5 cheeses - $20 / 7 cheeses - $28

$5 for add’l Cheese / $5 for extra Truffle Honey


That is so beautiful, every single plate. I really love how technically perfect the food sounds.

Btw, if you are blessed with impeccable manners, you needn’t be shy about eating the sopas with your fingers, since the fork didn’t work. :wink:

Can’t wait. Finally going to LQ tomorrow.


Hi @Nemroz,

Nice! Looking forward to your thoughts. :slight_smile:

He’s doing pop-ups every weekend through the summer!

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I have followed Chef LQ’s popup dinners at his home and before that in Pasadena’s Vertical Wine Bistro fairly regularly. Years before recreational marijuana was legal and marijuana themed dinners now common place, Chef LQ together with Starry Kitchen’s Chef Thi Tran hosted a series of marijuana themed dinner in which each and every drink and plate was infused/enhanced with marijuana (Counter Intelligence: A marijuana-infused meal? Well ...)
His web site seems to be working.

That was a very enjoyable experience and i’ll be taking my girl there. While we have our preference of traditional food and presentations, once in a while a modern restaurant is fun for us too.

Did the food pairings. No meat offerings (guinnea fowl was the only non seafood dish) and was paired with a Bourgueil. Everything was well done and I especially enjoyed the one dish with foie. Many things come from his garden or carefully sourced from farms he likes. The sorrel for me was special as as we make a green borsch out of it, as was the mullberry but they weren’t ripe yet and well… there were only 3 and i’m used to a basket full lol

Cheese cart of all raw milks was stunning. LQ is really sweet as well

Pretty pics:

the small plate thing though is just not a preference of ours. it is almost never satisfying enough for me and if you bring your own wine you’re really having a spendy night there… we ended up at more bars later and the new bowling alley in HP where we devoured wood fired pizzas being perfectly made right in front of us.


Hi @Nemroz,

Thanks for the report back and glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Yah Chef Laurent’s unpasteurized cheese cart is pretty amazing. Some really interesting offerings. He had some fantastic sheep’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses the last time we went.

i see you got the king of all cheeses, nice.

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