Black Sesame Latte in LA or OC

Does anybody know of places making good black sesame lattes in LA or OC? I had a great latte at Sawada in NYC. I’ve been craving one but don’t know where to start. My wife loved her military latte.

Triniti in Echo Park might be your best bet, but call ahead to make sure.

In SF, the black sesame latte at B Patisserie is pretty damn good

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Thanks. I didn’t get a chance to go to B Patisserie the last few times I was up in SF. Even more reason now.

Will try Triniti when in that area. I’ll call ahead. Not seeing on the menu on Yelp or online but those menus seem old.

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Hi @js76wisco,

Yes, definitely give B Patisserie a try next time you’re in the neighborhood for the Black Sesame Latte! It was amazing (posted some pics in that thread).


Try Boba Guys

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