Black Truffle Tasting Menu at SAAM - Experimental, Classy, Odd, Romantic



It’s not talked about much, but SAAM is still one of the best finer-dining experiences that L.A. has to offer.

Thanks for reminding us of that…

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One of the weaknesses, in my opinion, of molecular gastronomy, is making a dish simply because you can, not because it actually tastes good.

Thanks for the report, as always.

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This was a recurring thought during my one and only trip to The Bazaar many yrs ago. I appreciated the creativity, but sometimes it was too cerebral for me.

Thanks for the report, @Chowseeker1999!

Damn great report.
I am no Truffle lover so it would have been an anti- Valentine for me but so happy for you.

Excellent comprehensive report. Haven’t been for a few years so maybe time for a revisit

Still looks much better than the black truffle menu I had at Maude.


Thanks @J_L. Thinking about your sentiments and reflecting more about my visit after a few days, the more I appreciate SAAM. Service was stellar, unobtrusive. It was relaxing, classy, quiet, romantic. The food wasn’t stuffy, but rather really fun at times and the plating was gorgeous. And of course, there were some excellent dishes.

@ipsedixit well said. I’m glad there weren’t too many experimental dishes for the sake of experimenting / molecular gastronomy, but the biggest miss of the night was heavily featuring MC.

Thanks @CiaoBob. The Black Truffle Menu is only temporary. I’m curious how SAAM’s standard Tasting Menu is like these days.

@kdoc @J_L: Wow, so Maude’s Black Truffle menu was not so good? Good to know.

How was the attendance? The last time i was there we were the only table for the night, which definitely made it quiet but also a little depressing.

Hi @PorkyBelly,

It was completely full (all tables taken).