Blackmarket Bakery pecan cinnamon roll

It’s freaking fantastic. Crunchy on the exterior. Studded with caramel topped pecans on top and inside the layers. Nice hint of cinnamon but not overpowering. Inside layers are buttery and soft like a baby’s blanket. I dream about this dessert. If you are so lucky to get one fresh out of the oven go buy a lottery ticket.


Looks delicious. And it looks like a pastry (hint, hint – DoTM)… :wink:

Parking though.

That does look tasty though.

Santa Ana is open and parking is much easier.

At the Camp just pull up next to the curb right by the back entrance of Blackmarket. You’ll be in and out within 2 minutes. I do this more often that anybody should. That lot is a mess regardless.

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BMB is awesome, and I agree, that pecan bun is fantastic ! everything they do is great in fact - I love their blackstrap betty cookie, their breads, their pretzels (try the one with cheese and jalapenos if you can).

Totally agree Mikester. We think BMB is one of the best more well rounded bakeries. Love both of their pretzels. Great cookies, bread, pastries and pecan buns. My wife loved this chocolate ganache pie I got her for V-Day. They also carry Sqirl preserves - $9 ain’t cheap but the strawberry rhubarb is my current obsession.

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Wow, my experiences have been quite the opposite. One particular shortbread cookie with preserves was way too tart and glopped on haphazardly an ill conceived. The peanut butter cookie sand was decent but I will take Bouchon’s nutter butter 10 times out of 10 over BMB’s version. The rest of stuff I had I can’t even remember what it was, which means it was probably mediocre at a premium price.

I am willing to try it again but that parking is a disaster zone. I was going to go here Sat to pick up brioche buns and try the sticky bun but they denied my business saying that they would only sell me them during the weekday when it is not busy.

So I ended up getting desserts at ST Patisserie which continues to amaze me. Brioche buns at Whole Foods which were excellent but pricey. I am not complaining because they were fantastic though.

The only reason I would go back to BMB is to try this sticky bun based on these recommendations. What am I missing?

So weird that a bakery would make it difficult for you to buy rolls and pastries.

My recommendations are the pretzels, pecan cinnamon bun, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate ganache mini pie, and snickerdoodle cookie. These are the items we consistently go back for.

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Just tried the sticky bun, it was pretty damn good. Glad it wasn’t too sweet and the lady behind the counter rec’d to warm in the microwave which was great. The DTSA location is definitely better parking wise too.

Glad you liked it. It’s one of our go to desserts and much better than dealing with the Camp parking.

Just wanted to confirm still great. Went this morning after the Irvine farmers market and the chocolate chip cookies were not ready at around 10:45am. My wife loves these cookies so I waited about 15-20 minutes. The owner (i think) threw in 2 extra cookies that were piping hot. Very nice gesture and excellent pastries.

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Hazelnut twist :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You are an excellent spouse!