Bludso's or Maple Block

Have another one of those wife night out evenings, so it’s just me and my 2 sons to gorge on meat. Can go to either Bludso’s or Maple Block. Thoughts? The kids like brisket and ribs, I like a big beef rib and wings. Smoke is great, but don’t want too heavy smoke. Like the brisket tender and juicy but the ribs with a bit more chew, i.e. close to fall off the bone but not disintegrating off the bone. Great desserts, i.e. pies, would be a huge bonus!

Thanks in advance!

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does Bludsoes have “a big beef rib?”

I think they do.

I think I’ve seen it on the menu, but @fattydumplin, I think it’s only on certain days of the week? Might want to call to clarify.

Which location of Bludso’s (they have a Santa Monica location now, too)? We went to the SaMo one recently. I liked it, but everything was almost too strongly flavored (and I generally like smoke).

Have not been to Maple Block in a few yrs. I think they are good when they are “on,” but I think people have noticed consistency issues. My vague memory is that I did like the brisket there.

Not a huge dessert person, so can’t answer that part.

Thanks! We’d go to the La Brea one. Maple Block seemed to get great reviews early on but more recent reviews are definitely more inconsistent… The brisket is supposed to be great. Feels like I can’t go wrong either way.

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That sounds pretty accurate to me. :slight_smile:

Yup -the “dinosaur” beef rib
Didn’t notice it previously on the menu
I like Bludsoe SM a bit better then Maple Block but it is a close call

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What about Slab BBQ? Anyone been? That’s the other one I thought about… Or may just go all out and GCM.

Add me as yet another person saying that Maple used to be quite good but has gone seriously downhill over time. I just went to the new Bludso’s in Santa Monica, and it was not as good as OG Maple, but better than present day Maple.

Slab is solid, haven’t been in a while though so don’t remember exactly how I would rank it vs Bludso’s.


If GCM is an option, might as well go a few more minutes down Broadway to Moo’s Craft on the edge of Chinatown and Lincoln Heights. On the weekends, they have the Dino beef ribs and the burger, brisket and ribs are top notch. The green sausage is unique and amazing. Get a burger and treat it as a side and split with everyone, yes a burger should be treated as a side here. Key lime pie is good, not quite as good as Fishing w/ Dynamite but who is really coming close to theirs? Regular sides were decent, nothing crazy good but who cares when you can have burgers and verde sausage as sides.

Slab was fine, a little inconsistent. Not a fan of Bludso’s either, it just doesn’t taste like the Bludsos in Compton that I remember. Good but again, I am biased towards the old Bludsos. I haven’t been to Maple Block in a long time, it was good just not amazing like when it first opened. I remember getting a starter salad and it was way over dressed; that never happened when they first opened. They had a dino beef rib which was insanely good, they stopped selling it and not sure they offer anymore. They used to have a peanut butter banana pudding that was amazing, long gone. Maybe someone else with more recent report of Maple Block can chime in?


Moo’s is honestly the only legit BBQ in this city (for Texas style). Everything else is just kinda sad.


Okay, I thought it was just me. My first taste of Bludso’s in Compton was AMAZING. I’ve had a couple of good meals at the La Brea one. But the one in Santa Monica was merely good.


Heritage? I know not exactly “this city”

Equal to Moo’s, maybe just a bit below. But can’t count that as LA City, sorry.


You can get to SD County faster than LA County definitely not city or county lol

Heritage has 2 locations now. You just don’t know if Sergio will be handling your meat

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