Blue Heron in Los Osos / Baywood by Morro Bay

Lovely foggy 4 days there spent just lounging, eating and drinking and to my surprise there was a kitchen where people really gave a crap. It’s tough to find a level above fish and chip and burgers over there so we went for two dinners out of 4.

An escabeche of squid… lovely… deep tartness… the technique causes it to be tough but easy to chew, an interesting dense texture… kind of portuguese tasting i guess?

A chowder of 2 fish… very refreshing without all the cream.

main of scallops was really lovely… kid tore up half of it.

main of brained short rib on 2nd dinner was the standout… stunning really with that Grenache we got from the source

a smoked fish toast was quite good! wish it was described as something on top of bread… but in hindsight i’m glad it wasn’t as we would have skipped it.

a really good choc tart that apparently was changed to the point of nonrecognition in the period of 2 days from 1 dinner to the next

i’d probably skip the ribeye… too thin to really be proper med rare… a nice piece of meat though… really wanted to try the halibut as well… all the places had great seasonal halibut

Corkage of $10 is fantastic.