Blue Ribbon Sushi @ the Grove

I did not realize this NY chain opened an outpost in LA. I have a soft spot for them, my first experience of high quality O-toro many years ago in NYC.

Has anyone tried the branch at the Grove? Any good?

I tried it a while back. No bueno. Moving on…

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Fairly average food and a bit pricey. You’re really paying for the view and people watching, if that’s your sort of thing.

I like their matzo-crusted fried chicken with wasabi honey:


It’s too bad we got Sushi and not the Brasserie.

The food at Brasserie was solid and their raw bar was excellent.

Thanks for the feedback all. Don’t think I’ll be making a special trip there anytime soon. Although the fried chicken does look very appealing, I’m a sucker for fried chicken…

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The sushi’s not bad, just pricey, and in this town there are too many better sushi options for the cost.

Fried chicken and short rib fried rice are great.
As others have said sushi is good just not destination worthy.

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[quote=“J_L, post:2, topic:2459, full:true”]
I tried it a while back. No bueno. Moving on…
[/quote]Okay. But question. Is it bad or just not up to your standards? I ask because we’ll be at the Grove later and there’s nothing there I really feel like eating. Sit down wise anyway.

For sit down service at The Grove/Farmer’s Market I like ULYSSES VOYAGE. Good Greek.

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We went to Ulysses for the first time about a month ago. I kicked myself for not going sooner. It was really good. But we’ll be with my younger cousin and we missed his birthday. So we thought something a little hipper. Besides husband wants to try BR’s fried chicken so…

The Whisper Lounge is a decent spot as well

That’s a good idea. But husband is stuck on getting the BR fried chicken (good reviews). So maybe I’ll get in a DOTM.

Thanks all !

The fried chicken and oxtail fried rice are good.

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I would not by any stretch call the sushi at Blue Ribbon @ the Grove bad. You can have a nice meal of sushi and non-sushi items (I’d recommend a fried rice) and leave a happy camper. As others noted, you will pay a premium for the location.

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Great. As soon as Apple fixes my phone we’re there!