Bluestone Lane -- anyone been?

There is a Bluestone Lane coming to the corner of San Vicente and Wilshire in Brentwood (apparently there’s one in Santa Monica already; I have no memory of this, even though I drive by that intersection all the time).

Briefly looked at the website ( and seems inoffensively bland enough. Has anyone tried this place?

I’ve been to the Venice location a few times, “inoffensively bland” is the perfect way to describe it! The menu is is okay, I personally find it to be uninspired and overpriced for what it is - pretty basic renditions of avocado toast and breakfast burritos etc. It’s fine in a pinch but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there.

I believe there are additional locations on West 3rd, Studio City, and La Brea.

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The Samo one is right next to Sidecar and Mendocino Farms. It’s solid. The coffee is good and the food seems like it’s good quality despite the chain apparently blowing up across the west coast.

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